Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feel the Zeal!

I recently attended a Conference where I gave a presentation on how to give a presentation. (Really? That sounds funny.) Anyway, one of the best tips I gave (if I do say so myself) is to “speak with conviction.” When I asked the audience why they should speak with conviction, they all had good answers:

“You’ll be more believable.”

“You’ll present yourself as an expert.”

“Your presentation will have more meaning.”

All good points, indeed. But that is not the best reason to speak with conviction. The best reason, is, in the wise words of poet and mojo-maven Maya Angelou, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

As it just so happened, because life loves to send meaningful messages, one of my favorite groovy gals was the keynote speaker at the Conference, and she proved my point beautifully.

Of course I’m speaking about crazy, sexy Kris Carr, cancer survivor, best-selling author, filmmaker, wellness coach, and green-goddess extraordinaire. Kris talked about her passion; how to navigate your own wellness adventure, and why you should live life like you mean it.

I listened intently. After all, as a seeker of sass, I wanted to memorize everything Kris was saying, so I could use her tips in my mission for moxie. Her message inspired me and I was hanging on her every word. When her presentation was over, I was determined and excited to use her advice the very next day.

Then I went to sleep. And what do you think happened?

You may remember from my previous post…. I have a terrible memory. So when I woke the next day, I couldn’t remember what exactly, I should have for breakfast! I couldn’t remember the name of the juicer she recommended, and I couldn’t remember if I should drink hot water with lemon, or hot herbal tea, or was it just a hot lemon?

Whatever it was, I felt that it was incredibly important! Kris made me feel that taking charge of my health was paramount, and certainly a gateway to groovy. Kris’ words made me feel that there was no time to waste! I had to start on my health revolution NOW!!!!!!

Luckily for memory-impaired people such as myself, there is the internet. After a few minutes of panic because I couldn’t remember if pear and cucumber were a good juicing combo or not, a few keystrokes solved my issues, and I found that in fact, pear and cucumber get along famously.

The point is… I may not have remembered exactly what Kris SAID, but I do remember how Kris made me FEEL. She made me feel that health and wellness should be top priority in our lives, that what thoughts you put into your head are just as important as what veggies you put into your body. And most importantly, she made me feel that my missing mojo may be closer than I thought.

The lesson of the day? Live your life with passion, pizzazz, and your own personal power. Feel the zeal. Speak with conviction and remember, pear and cucumber go well in juice.

For more info on Kris Carr, visit http://crazysexylife.com.


  1. Pear and cucumber go well in juice? See, you DID remember something from the conference!

  2. Ronni, I can already hear your mojo coming back!! Sounds like they had two good speakers at the Conference - I would've enjoyed seeing them both ;-)